Chaudhry Afzal Haq, An Untold Story
Writer, Thinker, Humanitarian, Legislator and Inspiration to the common man in British India.

Pakistan and Untouchability (For Sale)

Authored by
Chaudhry Afzal Haq
Introduction by
Mrs. Najum S. Khan
Edited by
Art (Arif) Khan

"Any history of the political movements of the Muslims will not be complete without Chaudhry Afzal Haq. The conservative elite of Punjab were afraid of him just like all the ruling classes that are afraid of a successful revolution. He was everything in Ahrar, but never accepted any designation in the party."
"He was one of the worst enemies of British rule and ready to make an alliance with anyone who was against the British."
-Agha Shorash Kashmiri

Rejecting racism, religious intolerance and embracing "social leveling" and economic justice, Chaudhry Afzal Haq was a visionary, writer, politician, humanitarian, political prisoner and freedom fighter on behalf of all Indians. He was a moral man who sacrificed his personal needs in the service of his fellow countrymen, regardless of their religious or ethnic background.

Pakistan and Untouchability is a lost literary work and message that is a must read for every student of history and politics in the subcontinent of today.
This book examines the real underlying historical, economic, religious and political issues of the Indian subcontinent at a moment in time of decision for its people. The debate of why and if a new country of Pakistan should be created or will be created after British rule of India is examined in detail by Afzal Haq. His conclusions remain as relevant today as they were in his time. The working and middle class in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are still struggling with these same issues in the subcontinent today.
Written in 1939 and 1940, while imprisoned in Rawalpindi jail and published in 1941, this book is a culmination of Afzal Haq's lifelong thinking about the key issues facing his country and its peoples while under British rule.

About the Author: Chaudhry Afzal Haq was elected twice to Punjab Assembly as a Member of Legislative Assembly starting in 1924. He helped to found Majlis-e-Ahrar, a liberal Muslim political party at the time, working to seek social justice and freedom for all Indians regardless of race or religion. He was later elected as the second President of Majlis-e-Ahrar from 1931-1934. Known as Mufakkir-e-Ahrar "The Thinker" by this time, Chaudhry Afzal Haq was in and out of British prisons for over two decades for openly defying the British Government as a political and moral leader. He campaigned and wrote tirelessly focusing his efforts on helping the poor and working class in India during these most desperate of times. His life's work included political action on behalf of the common man, prison reform and human rights for his fellow Indians.

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